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Making a Gift

Gifts come in all shapes & 大小. You can make a contribution to RNS in many ways. Here are a few ways you may wish to consider:

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  • Donation by Cheque or Money Order

    请将支票或汇票以365BET体育为抬头, and note "donation" on the memo line. 你的支票可以寄到学校办公室,也可以邮寄到下面的地址. 如果您希望将礼物分发几个月或几年,365BET体育很乐意接受远期支票. 如果您想设立每月直接存款捐赠计划,365BET体育也可以接受无效支票.

    Rothesay Netherwood School

    发展 & 校友 Affairs
    40 College Hill Rd.
    Rothesay, NB 加拿大 E2E 5 h1
  • Donation by Credit Card

    We are able to accept VISA, MasterCard, and American Express. 信用卡捐款可以通过电话、传真、邮件或网上方式进行 clicking here出于安全考虑,请不要通过电子邮件发送您的信用卡信息.
    • 如欲通过电话进行信用卡捐款,请与尼克·卡哈特联系 . 
    • 如欲通过传真进行信用卡捐款,请向本局传真 & 校友 Affairs Office at .
    • 如果您想通过邮寄方式进行信用卡捐赠,请向发展局发送一封通知 & 校友 Affairs Office at the address above

    ype of card, expiry date, name of cardholder, the amount of the donation , 无论是一次性的礼物还是经常性的礼物(____ months/years,每月/年$___).
  • Donate Online

    You can make a gift quickly and securely online on our website by clicking here.
  • Matching Gifts

    许多公司会向教育机构赠送与员工和董事相应的礼物. Perhaps your employer is one of them. To find out, 请与贵公司的人力资源办公室联系,询问您的礼物是否适合学校. 把你老板的配套礼品表送到365BET体育365BET体育来做剩下的.
  • United Way Contributions

    Donations to the United Way can be directed to RNS. 捐献人将会收到税务收据,并被确认为联合慈善总会的捐献人以及RNS的支持者.
  • Gifts of Stock & 证券

    股票赠与允许赠与人在赠与时要求受升值证券的公平市场价值. For more information on giving securities or shares, including details about the financial benefits of giving, 点击这里. We also recommend that you speak with your financial advisor.

    转让赠予的股份前,请联络发展及校友事务处( or 506.848.0861). 365BET体育需要知道是谁在转让股份,以便开具税单.
    股份应转移到RBC Dominion 证券的以下账户:376-011130 -1-3. The FINS number for this account is T002, and the CUID is "DOMA". Should you have any questions about your transfer, please contact David Wells, Portfolio Manager at or via email at 大卫
  • 遗赠 & Planned Gifts - Making a Gift in Your Will

    Leave a legacy for future RNS students - consider adding RNS to your will. 点击这里 for more information.
  • Gifts of Property

    Gifting property such as a cottage, 首页, 出租房产或未开发土地是一种很好的慈善捐赠方式,可以为捐赠者提供税收减免. Upon proof of appraisal, 捐赠人可以收到相当于捐赠财产价值的税收收据. 捐赠人还可以通过捐赠给RNS来避免对财产出售时将实现的资本利得纳税.
  • Gifts-in-Kind

    We are always in need of items such as quality athletic equipment, art supplies, library resources and furniture. If you wish to donate items to RNS, we'd love to hear from you. 365BET体育可以在收到你的捐赠证明后发出税务收据.

A Tribute in Donations

365BET体育将感激地接受捐赠以纪念或纪念某人或在特殊场合. 365BET体育很乐意代表您给您的家人或合适的人寄一张通知卡, if you would like us to.

365BET体育的许多校友选择在毕业纪念日或其他特殊场合向学校赠送庆祝礼物. This is also a unique way to celebrate a milestone event, or to provide a gift for a hard-to-buy-for-person.
也, 一些校友和朋友表示,他们选择365BET体育投注官网作为他们的纪念捐赠的首选慈善机构.  Combined with a bequest, this is a wonderful way to start a personal endowment to create a scholarship which would help future students.

In Tribute donations will support the area of greatest need, or may be directed by the donor to another area of need at the school. 点击这里 to view a list of named bursary and scholarship funds. Some donors also choose to honour loved ones by naming a tree, 椅子, 房间, or bursary fund in tribute. Please see the Opportunities menu on this page for additional details.

Should you wish further information about in tribute donations, we would be pleased to speak with you. Please contact Nic Carhart in the 发展 & 校友 Affairs Office at or via email at

Donate Aeroplan Miles

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  • 你有愿意捐赠给365BET体育的航空计划里程吗?

    点击这里 to donate now.

    罗塞伊内瑟伍德学校现在接受来自个人的Aeroplan里程捐赠,他们希望将自己的里程汇集起来支持慈善事业. 为了支持RNS, Aeroplan很乐意将里程转移到一个特别指定的Aeroplan帐户.


In recognition of support at certain levels, 学校很高兴为捐赠者提供机会,让他们有机会在上面挂一块牌匾, 或接近, the specific area being funded.  There are several commemorative opportunities outlined below. If this is in tribute to someone, 365BET体育很高兴给收信人寄一张卡片,通知他们您的礼物.

For more information about gifts for special occasions, please contact Nic Carhart in the 发展 & 校友 Affairs Office at or via email at


If you have further questions on how best to direct your gift, please contact The 发展 and 校友 Affairs Office ( or 506.848.0861).
365BET体育是加拿大税务局注册的非营利组织. Our Canadian Charitable Registration number is 107916330-RR0001. 365BET体育将会为大部分捐款发放慈善收据.

Rothesay Netherwood School also has a United States charitable foundation, Rothesay Netherwood School US Foundation, 公司. Donations made to the US Foundation, 美国国内收入服务法典第501(c)(3)条慈善公司. 46-4702044),将产生由Rothesay Netherwood学校美国基金会发行的美国收据.
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